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Relief work at the Kalka Mail Accident by Sangh volunteers

Origional Post :- ram-madhav A tragic accident that happened to the Delhi-bound Kalka Mail on 10 July morning is tragic. 
Two general compartments were very badly mangled. We got the information that at least 60 people have died and hundreds injured. What appalled us was that till 4 pm the Railway Accident Relief train had not reached the site of the accident although it was just a 4-hour normal train run time away at Allahabad.
The RSS Swayamsevaks were already  at the site of the accident for several hours helping the railwaymen and other security personnel. They were there at the railway station near the dead bodies. They were there in hospitals where the injured have been transported. They were there even in Kanpur attending to the seriously injured. The Swayamsevaks were at the site, the hospitals helping the victims and their relatives. They were even gathering blood donor lists need for blood and other help. The local volunteers were …