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Sewabharti: Dengue grips Gurdaspur district 3 confirmed, 51 suspected cases in hospitals

Ravi Dhaliwal
Source: Tribune News Service Gurdaspur, October 20
Barely three months after the Gurdaspur district health authorities organised the Anti-Dengue Month, had the dreaded disease slowly made its way into the district. As many as three confirmed and 51 suspected cases have been reported from various places in the district.
The confirmed cases are from Batala, Naushera Majha Singh and Gharota, while the 51 suspected cases are from different part of the district. All the three confirmed cases have been shifted to the DMC, Ludhiana, and Fortis Hospital, Amritsar.
The authorities have set up a special ward where patients are being kept in isolation.
There were rumours that the patients were forced to buy free medicines from outside the government-run hospital. However, these rumours were quickly scotched by the Civil Surgeon Dr Chandanjit Singh who said he had written a letter to the officials of his department to keep ready adequate stocks of medicine.
Dr Adesh…