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Sewa Vibhag at the service of Tiruppur flood hit

Source: rsschennai First week of November witnessed torrential rains which battered the Tiruppur city, the national knitwear export centre and a District Headquarters.Low-lying areas and dwellings got marooned as the Noyyal River entered the town causing flood. Nearly 15000 people were rendered homeless. Sewa vibhag - RSS volunteers along with other Hindu organizations immediately plunged into relief action. They rescued the children, ladies and aged people from the flood and were safely sheltered in the nearby schools. Toothpowder, milk, bread, tea, water packets etc. were initially supplied to them. 600 rubber sheets, buckets, biscuits were also supplied. Food packets for around 6000 persons were distributed by the Sewa Vibhag volunteers. Ready Selfless Service by the RSS volunteers were well appreciated by the locals. 
Distributing relief to the victims Scene of Flood havoc Flood relief in action