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NGOs step in to help thalassaemics at Guru Nanak hospital

Source: TOI AMRITSAR: Thalassaemia patients in Amritsar have to depend on non-government organizations (NGOs) to meet their expenses on medication as government hospitals have expressed their inability to do so due to lack of funds. Not only are medicines not provided to patients but the thalassaemia ward situated in the children's ward of Guru Nanak Dev Hospital is also maintained by an NGO, Amritsar Thalassaemia Welfare Society. Thalassaemia is a genetic blood disorder in which the patient's bone marrow cannot form sufficient red cells and their survival is also reduced. Thalassemic patients have to be given blood transfusion every 15 days. "We organize blood donation camps every now and then and give blood to the government blood bank which ensures that thalassaemic patients are at least never short of blood for transfusion," said president of the society, Satnam Singh while talking to TOI on Saturday. Satnam's son Hargun Singh is also a thalassa…