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Appeal : Assam: 19 dead, 30 lakh left homeless

Courtesy NDTV
Sewabharathi has been working on the flood affected since the first wave hit and still continues to be at ground zero, providing relief and working with the victims helping them rebuild their lives.

Below is the link to the relief activities :

Guwahati: The situation in Assam, where water from the third wave of flood inundated 16 districts of the state is receding, remains grim with 19 people dead and over 30 lakh affected. Lakhs of animals have also been swept away and farmlands inundated in the one of the most devastating floods in more than a decade. The death of animals has given rise to the fear of diseases being spread.

The weather is also showing signs of improvement. Though the Brahmaputra, Subansiri and Dhansiri along with their tributaries were still flowing above the danger level, the flood waters were seen receding from the 2594 villages and 2,26,902 hectare farmland, official sourc…


Karnataka’s one of the most reputed service organisations, the Rashtrotthana Parishat, set another milestone, this time in healthcare. The Parishat’s Rashtrotthana Rakta Nidhi is now the number one Blood Bank of the State as far as total units of blood collected and transfused is concerned. The Parishat is an RSS initiative in Karnataka. Established 18 years ago, the Rashtrotthana Rakta Nidhi has collected blood from 1,75,073 donors. The collected blood has been given to 1,31,593 patients. Rest of the blood was processed for PCV collections, serum separations, etc. The total units of blood collected till March 2012 is 2,89,321. This Blood Bank is an ISO certified Blood Bank and provides blood to the needy on a 24×7 service.  Source:

Independence day Blood Donation Programme by Seavabharathi Andhra Pradesh

Aug 16th 2012 Hyderabad
Blood Donation camp organised by Sevabharathi, Andhra Pradesh at Venkatadrinagar Sakha, Narapalli Mandal,Ghatkesar Nagar.
A Total of 63 persons have donated the blood, The Donors were lead by the Sarpanch of choudary Guda village and one matrumurty, with the others following with enthusiasm.
The programme was supported by the Institute of Preventive Medicine, Narayanaguda and Organised by Seva Bharathi . The Collected blood was handed over to  the Institute of Preventive Medicine, Narayanaguda.

Feeling of dedication turns seva into the work of God

Source: newsbharati      Date: 10/22/2011
Baburao RajeVishwa Hindu Janakalyan Parishad, Nagpur’s Seva Vibhag runs two ashram schools and one hostel for tribal students with full dedication. Excerpts from the conversation with Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Nagpur office in-charge Shri Baburaoji Raje.)

Whenever any task is performed with a feeling of dedication, it is known as seva. Serving the society is a Godly work. Whenever somebody works for the upliftment of downtrodden and backward sections of the society, then that work is not just limited to that society, but also becomes the work of God. In a Godly work, there is no differentiation like small work and big work. Similarly, regarding seva also, there is no such differentiation. It is just a seva…of the society….and that work is the work of God, Baburaoji Raje thus expressed his view regarding seva work.
Seva is a difficult work. If you are not working with a feeling of dedication, then that work will not be called seva. On…

Prayers to Mudavath lalu RIP

With Great Pain and sorrow announce 
Mudavath Lalu expired just now (8: 35 PM)    Mudavath Lalu
(Born:1999 Died: 20-09-2012)

Support the Boy Struggling for his life : Dengue enciphilitis

Name:  Mudavath Lalu
class:   8th  Affection Home: Madhava Awasam seva bharathi, Nalgonda dist Diagnosed: Dengue affecting the liver and brain (Encefalitis) Support needed: 15,000/- INR per day
Father: M Ramulu
Village: Palugu thanda
Post: Raghadapa
Mandal : Tripuraram
Nalgonda Dist.

In his School Mudavath Lalu used to draw national leaders, his drawings are beautiful pieces. Lalu isvery good in drawing, he has a certificate in Samskritam speaking and loves playing Kabaddi, kho kho. For a 13 year old studying 8th class he is a perfect smiling face until 4 days ago he was diagnosed with dengue affecting his lever and brain. The Banjara boy, active and participative in sports, cultural activities first in class now lay in hospital in coma. His parents Mudavath Ramulu and Kamseli from Palugu thanda in Nalgonda district are daily wagers with three kids Bittu, Mangamma, lalu. Lalu lay on the hospital bed in coma awaiting his future unknowing, the doctors at the Ankura Hospitals, KPHB have e…

Phulchand Jain, a one man institution : Deendayal Vanavasi Seva Ashram

Source: News Bharati      Date: 11/22/2011  In today’s scenario, there are n number of examples resembling ‘seva for the sake of politics’ but Mungeli resident Phulchand Jain is a unique example of quitting politics for the sake of seva. Moved by the plight of adivasi brethren, he quit the post of MLA and took a deep plunge into seva work for the development of vanavasis. Even at this ripe age of 80, when he visits any of the projects initiated by him before a long period of time, the satisfaction that is revealed on his face acts as a source of inspiration for the young aspirants who want to do something good for the seek of motherland. Recently, we had the privilege of having a short term interaction with this great visionary who is striving hard from last three decades for transforming the face of this backward region of Chhattisgarh.
Excerpts : Q. How did the journey begin for this noble work?
A. In 70s, a 200-km-long padayatra was organized in the vanavasi region unde…

Seva Bharati takes J&K to new heights of development

Source: News Bharati      Date: 1/28/2012 Seva InterviewJammu-Kashmir region that is regarded as the heaven of India has a quite unstable civic picture. Strange geographical conditions, social instability, backwardness, separatist political ideology and the fumes of terrorism have polluted the heavenly atmosphere of this region. Some non-governmental and voluntary organizations striving hard for transforming the entire face of the region are the only rays of hope for the brethren residing in this remote region of India. Seva Bharati leads the list of such organizations engaged in the work of bringing the stream of development in the region. In order to bring such organizations under a single roof for intellectual churning, Seva Sangam programme was recently organized in Jammu. On this pious occasion, Seva Bharati J & K and Himachal prant seva pramukh Jaidev ji gave information about the various projects initiated for the development of the region.
Excerpts:The state …