Feeling of dedication turns seva into the work of God

Source: newsbharati      Date: 10/22/2011

Baburao Raje
Vishwa Hindu Janakalyan Parishad, Nagpur’s Seva Vibhag runs two ashram schools and one hostel for tribal students with full dedication. Excerpts from the conversation with Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Nagpur office in-charge Shri Baburaoji Raje.)

Whenever any task is performed with a feeling of dedication, it is known as seva. Serving the society is a Godly work. Whenever somebody works for the upliftment of downtrodden and backward sections of the society, then that work is not just limited to that society, but also becomes the work of God. In a Godly work, there is no differentiation like small work and big work. Similarly, regarding seva also, there is no such differentiation. It is just a seva…of the society….and that work is the work of God, Baburaoji Raje thus expressed his view regarding seva work.
Seva is a difficult work. If you are not working with a feeling of dedication, then that work will not be called seva. One’s vested interest will be hidden in such kind of work and then he will work not for the sake of society, but rather for his own welfare. There is a difference between task and work (karya). Task has a feeling of expectation and desire embedded in it, whereas work is much beyond these feelings. Work can be done only by setting aside all the expectations and desires, said Baburao Raje.
Baburaoji further said that there should be no give and take relationship regarding seva. Seva is a 'yagya' in real sense. It should not have an iota of ego. In any yagya, samidhas (branches of various holy trees) are burnt as a sacrifice to the Almighty. For the success of yagya, samidhas burn themselves completely; they don’t even keep a single trace of their existence. When the ash is left in the yagyakund (pot in which samidhas are burnt), you cannot recognize by any means that to which tree the samidha belonged. Our contribution to the seva work should be like this so that only the ultimate work should be visible, not the karyakartas. Throwing light on the the central idea of seva work, Baburaoji recited a few lines- Seva hai yagyakunda, samidhasama hum jale, dhyeya mahasaagarmein sarit roop hum mile (Seva is like a sacrificial pot in which we will have to burn ourselves like the branches of trees that are sacrificed for the success of yagya and let us meet the goal like a river meets the ocean).
Let us meet the goal like a river meets the ocean…However such form of seva is hardly to be found today. Nowadays, like the oasis is hardly found in deserts, so is the real feeling of selfless service. The main reason for this is the business that is spread everywhere in this materialistic social structure of today. Nowadays, seva work has become a business. It is as if everywhere the shops of seva have been opened! There was a time when the schools were regarded as the temples of education. Today, they have lost this sacredness. Now the schools do not give knowledge but rather, they sell it and students have become customers who purchase it, Baburaoji expressed his sorrow.
The same picture is visible everywhere. However, there are some places from where we can learn a lesson of selfless service. You see the seva work of karyakartas at Shegaon’s Sant Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan. There, you cannot say that so and so work has been done by so and so person. All karyakartas work with a feeling that seva is the service to God and humanity. Nobody is a monk; all of them are having their homes, families and children. The work which they do gets the form of seva because of their selfless attitude. Trustees also devote complete time for this noble work. When they come here, they wholly belong to the temple. Their dedicated service motivates other aspirants also. This is the reason why other people also remain associated with devasthan’s activities. Seeing their dedication, it can be realized that seva is the worship of the society.
If we will render service with dedication, then naturally, the same seeds of dedication will be sown in the hearts of people who will be benefited by that work. They will also get inspiration from that work and strive hard for taking that work ahead so as to achieve the desired goal.
Vishwa Hindu Janakalyan Parishad, Nagpur’s Seva Vibhag runs two ashram schools and one hostel for tribal students with full dedication. Here, other voluntary organizations are also given a chance for rendering their selfless service. This ideal is set in front of the tribal boys and girls residing at the hostel. Along with the education, a special focus is laid on character building. They are given training in various sports and arts along with inculcating good sanskars, Baburaoji was briefing about the ashramshalas and vanavasi hostels run at Oodasa and Deolapar districts.
Various other organizations are also working in the tribal regions; however it cannot be guaranteed that their work is proceeding in a proper direction. Holiness cannot be revealed from the work of the institutions that do not have the feeling of dedication. It can be further said that such institutions extort money from the government in the name of seva and economically exploit the students, parents and teachers at the school. How is it possible for students to get values at the schools run by such institutions that lack moral values? Baburaoji revealed.
While carrying out the development of tribal region, it is also necessary to fix its direction. Students must get all the necessary facilities at the ashramshalas, however utmost care should be taken that these children do not develop a materialistic attitude towards life. Along with the education, it is also required to inculcate values among these children such as self reliance, mutual co-operating and character building. If they will not get the inspiration to work for the progress of their family, society and village to which they belong, then what will be the use of teaching them ? Baburaoji Raje raised an appropriate question regarding the present educational system.
Seva work that is carried out with such selfless attitude indeed will develop karyakartas having a feeling of complete dedication. In today’s scenario, such karyakartas are strongly needed. If such karyakartas will be developed, then not only our nation, but the entire world will reap its benefits and this only is our glorious tradition, Baburaoji expressed the hope.


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