Support the Boy Struggling for his life : Dengue enciphilitis

Name:  Mudavath Lalu
class:   8th 
Affection Home: Madhava Awasam seva bharathi, Nalgonda dist
Diagnosed: Dengue affecting the liver and brain (Encefalitis)
Support needed: 15,000/- INR per day
Father: M Ramulu
Village: Palugu thanda
Post: Raghadapa
Mandal : Tripuraram
Nalgonda Dist.


In his School Mudavath Lalu used to draw national leaders, his drawings are beautiful pieces. Lalu is  very good in drawing, he has a certificate in Samskritam speaking and loves playing Kabaddi, kho kho.  
For a 13 year old studying 8th class he is a perfect smiling face until 4 days ago he was diagnosed with dengue affecting his lever and brain. The Banjara boy, active and participative in sports, cultural activities first in class now lay in hospital in coma.
His parents Mudavath Ramulu and Kamseli  from Palugu thanda in Nalgonda district are daily wagers with three kids Bittu, Mangamma, lalu.  
Lalu lay on the hospital bed in coma awaiting his future unknowing, the doctors at the Ankura Hospitals, KPHB have estimated that with proper treatment Lalu can come back and go to school.
The Expenditure of Rs. 15,ooo/- per day is a huge thing for daily wagers like his dad Ramulu. He appeals to all of us to lend a helping hand. Till date they have already spent Rs. 60,000/- with help from good Samaritans around.

Please get in touch for more information:
Venkata Ramreddy : 9393934899
ICICI BANK, Himayat Nagar Branch, Hyderabad
Account Number : 01065297
IFSC Code : ICIC0006305
#3-2-106, Nimboli Adda, Kachiguda, Hyderabad,
Andhra Pradesh  500 027.
Phone : 040 – 2461 0056


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