A boy who sold hair pins dedicates himself to service of society

Aaraindagi, Tamilnadu: Seva bharati activist Indira was travelling to reach the center with her friend, who was also a Seva bharati teacher. In the bus they were traveling a small boy about 8 to 9 years was attracted passenger’s attention. He was selling hair pins, ribbons and many small accessories. The boy reached where Indira her friend were sitting and insisted them to buy something from him. He was such a talkative boy which compelled them to engage them with him. He said- I could buy a pencil if you buy anything from me.
To confirm, it was not mere a trick to make them buy they inquired with the boy his name, his school and the place where he was staying and his family members. They also questioned him if he was really meant to buy a pencil. All his answers testified he was a sincere fellow. They bought some accessories from him and assured him that they will see him at his school.
During field visits Indira and her friend had chance visit the area which had the school that boy mentioned. It was an interval time of school when they reached. That little talkative boy was continuing his small business in his school’s free time – with his schoolmates around.
They meet his headmaster and inquired about boy and his background. Headmaster assured them he was a sincere boy from tribal family who had an extraordinary thirst for education. Besides belonging to poor tribal family he was always best at his studies. Indira and her friend exposed their wish to pay his school fees and other expenses.
Within a week they again went to his school to open an account with Post Office for the studious boy. Headmaster happily accompanied them with his car to the post office.  They deposited required money in his account which was meant to be operated under guidance of the Headmaster. He thankfully assured Indira and her friend about his education.
After some days Indira and her friend personally visited the boy’s house and witnessed their poverty. His family was more than happy for Indira and her friend offered financial help for their boy. His family was willing to educate another son no matter what hardships and labor they have to undergo.
Days passed and our small businessman-cum-scholar passed his 10th standard with good marks. To help his family he joined a job and continued his higher studies on his own income. He had also a lion’s share in educating his siblings. During his days at school he received guidance and vision of Seva bharati. He had chance and willingness to serve boys like him – he wished to join Seva bharati as an activist. Soon he was successfully completed required training and started to give his share for Seva bharati.
Service extended by Seva bharati activist was repaid to society in multitude!
Source: www.supanth.com


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