Poor activist sacrifices honorarium to serve the community

Kashi, Uttar Pradesh: Money does not necessarily always motivate people towards service. It is the vision adopted by organization which boosts greatest value of sacrifice. This is a story which gives glimpse of the greatest value – sacrifice.
Menka, a member of poor family in Kashi had a small family which included her parent and a brother. Their livelihood solely depended on the job her father once had for some years, but his company was shut down and he lost the job.
After losing his job her father started as a florist. He used to collect flowers and sell them to the devotees in Shankar temple. Her mother’s health was on decline after the illness she undergone. Her elder brother had secured graduation. But he was not able to get the job he dreamt. On some occasion after intervention of his relatives he started working as a small vendor of various goods. Now he had resource that could earn him money, though it depended on overall sale of his goods. On the other hand, their house was not more than a hut. But his financial conditions seldom allow him to dream about constructing a good home.
 Menka, who was a member of such family, could not educate herself beyond standard 11th. Her family could not afford expenses. It needed to increase their income. Seva bharati was trying to start their work in the same area where Menka was residing. Her friend was a link to connect Menka with Seva bharati. After inquiring her background Seva bharati activists proposed her to initiate in service, whereby she could earn some honorarium. Seva bharati needed activists but it also considers their financial needs. She liked the proposed work which meant she could help her family; accordingly she discussed the proposal with her family.
Scrap collecting community in 'Khidkiya Ghat' locality was the place nearby Menka’s house. Peoples in this scrap collecting community were illiterate whose daily routine was to wake up early in the morning to collect scrap lying on dumping grounds and shabby corners of the street. They could barely eat in the dust after selling collection of their scrap. These peoples were living life of mal-nutrition, no wonder they could not teach their children. This community was completely away from luxuries of 21st century. Peoples in this community were victims of many diseases; and to add more hardships, many people had the curse of addiction.
Seva bharati activists had planned to start a child center for children in this scrap collecting community. Children in such below poverty community have to be always focused to introduce them the new world of good habits, education and progress. Seva bharati proposed Menka to undertake responsibility of child center for the children in the area. After her acceptance Seva bharati trained her as to shoulder the responsibility of child center and soon the center started its functioning. Now she was able to help her family with money she received as honorarium from Seva bharati.
Her service lasted for one year until Menka was struck by a grievous disease. She was compelled by her health to stop her service. It took a year for her to regain her health. During this period Seva bharati activists on many occasions cared and helped her a lot. Although Menka was not serving the organization, but the bond of once team member always kept her tied with Seva bharati.
 Then there were days of haste for preparations for Guruji’s birth centenary. Literacy campaign was planned to celebrate the birth centenary. This particular literacy service had not provision of honorarium.
On her own, Menka was anxious for participation in the literacy campaign. Her decision was the result of love she received from Seva bharati. She successfully educated women in scrap collecting families who could now boast of their new boon of literacy.
 After completion of literacy campaign Menka was again suggested to shoulder responsibility of child center so she could help her with honorarium. But she herself thought of the year when she had not honorarium. Without honorarium too her family was able to sustain. There were hardships for her family in absence of her honorarium but still Menka could successfully educate women in scrap collecting community. She learnt a lesson of sacrifice and true service during the literacy campaign of Seva bharati. Now she came to decision of not accepting any honorarium and dedicated herself in serving the community. She informed her decision to Seva bharati activists. With her dedication to service, she successfully maintained child center, until she got married. She derived vision of service & responsibility towards community during the years with Seva bharati. Menka had become a role model born through vision of Seva bharati.
Source: www.supanth.com 


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