Seva Sangam-2012 Inaugurated at Shimoga, Seva Exhibition inspires thousands of spectators

Shimoga Karnataka October 27: Jointly organised by Rashtriya Seva Bharati and Hindu Seva Pratishtan, 2 day conclave ‘SEVA SANGAMA-2012′ inaugurated this morning at Shimoga. Seva Sangama is a 2-day conference  held on October 27 and 28, in which more than different Seva Organisations of Karnataka participated.
Veteran RSS Pracharak Na Krishnappa speaks in Inaugural ceremony of Seva Sangama-2012 held at Shimoga October-27-2012
Veteran RSS Pracharak Na Krishnappa speaks in Inaugural ceremony of Seva Sangama-2012 held at Shimoga October-27-2012
Seva Sangama-2012 was inaugurated by Sri Prasannanatha Swaniji of Adichunchungiri Mutt in Shimoga. The Swamiji spoke on the need to preserve dharma via seva. Swamyji reminded the examples, lessons from Ramayana, Mahabharata, vedas and Upanishads. He recalled his early association with RSS and it’s activities in Shivamogga.
Speasking on the occasion, Director of Hindu Seva Pratishtan Karnatka, Shridhar Sagar stressed on the fact that Seva needs to reach the remotest parts of the society and generate volunteers from local populace. He praised AdiChunchunagirimuttas for years of constant support towards Sangha and it’s activities.
RSS Karnataka Pranth Sanghachalak M Ventakataram, LaksmanMallya (Treasurer, RashtriyaSevaBharati, Delhi), Senior RSS Pracharaks Na Krishnappa and  Su Ramanna were present.
Seva Sangama-2012 was inaugurated by Sri Prasannanatha Swaniji of Adichunchungiri Mutt in Shimoga. Swamiji , later saw Pradarshini, exhibition on Seva Activities.
An audio CD on patriotic songs was released by Sri Narendra Desai – Vice-President, RashtriyaSevaBharati, Mumbai.

Treasurer of Rashtriya Seva Bharati, LakshmanMallya spoke on 5 important focus areas of
  • Prasikshana (training) – Idea is to train SevaKaryakarthas in various facets of office activities (admin, accounts, etc which empowers them). He also highlighted on the future plan of RashtriyaSevaBharati, like setting up 42 branches across India in every pranth and a permanent training camp at Pune.
  • Adhyayana (Research) – Stressed on the need to conduct research on future trends and needs w.r.t seva
  • Jagarana (Publication) – RSB launched a new website He also highlighted on the following  publications which RSB has and plans to come up with
  • Seva Sadhana a yearly magazine
  • SevaDisha – To be release once in 5 years detailing major seva activities
  • SevaKunj which is part of News Bharati is a half yearly publication
  • Sahayoga- To aid co-operation and co-ordination of other seva organisations with RSB
  •   To increase the affiliated seva organisations from 425 to 1000 by 2014.
  • Mathruchaya – Plan to have a sangama of all orphanages across India at Brindavan,Mathura
  • He highlighted the fact of 108 EkalVidyalas existing in Jammu & Kashmir with most of them handled by muslims for their students.
18th and 19th volumes of ‘NAMMA MANE’, a pocket sized costing only Rs.6/-was launched on the occasion with the following title ‘Aarogyakkagi Aahara’ by Dr Srivatsa Bharadwaj, ‘Sambandha Sambandhigalu’ by Hebri Balakrishhna Mallya.

FELICITATED: N S Narayanamurthy of Ripponpet of Shivamogga, Eshwariah of Kashipur, Dr Suresh Hanagawadi, G PrabhakarBelipara were felicitated at Seva Sangama-2012 for their noted contribution to the society.
Following citizens were felicitated for their exemplary Seva work.
1)      Sri N S Narayanamurthy of Ripponpet of Shivamogga – He has been involved for close to 40 years in research & protection of medicinal plants apart from treating patients using Ayurveda for free
2)      ‘Goodluck’ Eshwariah of Kashipur, Shivamogga but a native of Mysuru – He has been involved in treatment of physically challenged and destitute. He has also managed to get 8 organ donations so far
3)      Dr Suresh Hanagawadi – Being a hemophilic patient himself has done extensive research on hemophilia and has established Karnataka Hemophilia society for treatment of hemophilic patients. Has successfully treated more than 1000 patients with aid of low cost medicines. His booklet Kusumanjali was distributed to all participants of sangama.
4)      G PrabhakarBelipara – A person who himself struggled to make ends meet as a kid is today successfully running an anathashrama. He is also an Animal rights activist, especially snake; a successful snake catcher. Has managed to catch 16423 cobras, 43 king cobra and 7 pythons and release them into the wild ensuring no harm to them

RSS pracharak Su Ramanna’s addressed during the inauguration of Pradarshini (Exhibition),  lamented on the present state of colonial mindset still existing among politicians. He lamented on the Govt still insisting on subsidy dole outs thanks to their socialistic mindset and the shameful reliance on foreign money (FDI etc). Ramanna urged seva organisations to depend less on Govt aid and foreign donations and Called for enhancing the seva dharma among Indian citizens.


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