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Sewa International sends aid to Pakistan

Children in Pakistan affected by floods receive clothes from Hare Ram Foundation.
The Sewa International USA is immediately releasing an addi- tional $2500 to help the extremely poor and desolate flood victims in Pakistan’s Sindh province.
“We are really encouraged by the reports we received from Hare Rama Foundation (HRF) in Pakistan. Donors’ money is put to good use by the foundation” said Professor Sree Sreenath, President, Sewa International USA. Sewa USA led a multi-group effort with Hindu American Foun- dation (HAF) to raise funds for Pakistan’s flood victims and an- nounced a $5000 matching grant in early November. Sewa funded Hare Rama Foundation in December to help start the relief efforts.
“Hare Rama Foundation distributed warm clothes to 800 fami- lies in seven districts in Sindh. We recently received a detailed report, video, photos and a list of beneficiaries from the foun- dation,” said Anil Deshpande, Vice President of Development of Sewa.
“Each flood victim family rec…