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Child Line 1098, Jammu-Kashmir

While the human beings are coming closer in terms of the world perspective, on the other hand, families are gradually reducing in size. Increasing trend of industrialization caused the migration of youths towards cities in search of jobs. Villages started shrinking and cities became overcrowded. Need for population control arose. Now the situation is such that the number of members in a singly family is limited to 3 or 4. However, in this entire process of transformation, it is the child who suffers. Today, children don’t even see the faces of their relatives for a couple of days. Parents also cannot devote sufficient time for their children; even at the time of sickness. This is severely affecting the psychology of children day by day. They are falling prey to intoxication and bad company due to the absence of sanskars. They are becoming more self-centered.

Children belonging to economically weaker families have to opt for jobs at an early age for supporting the famili…