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A blogger opines on Self help and Sewa Bharathi Tamilnadu

This Spanish town is in trouble; Their council coffers are empty and burdened with a debt of $ 1 million. Spain is going through a very bad debt crisis.
The civic work routines are now taken by volunteers donating their labor to perform regular maintenance works.
In India, thousands of kilometers away from Spain, donating one's own labor (as against hiring help) was a common practice half a century ago.
There is a name for this noble activity: Shrama Daan, sharing of community work.  
Gandhiji spread this ideal of community service in Indian villages during the time when national economy was ruined by the British Colonialism. The practice dwindled after independence and has almost disappeared now.
At Sevabharathi, Tamilnadu, the ideals of Gandhiji are kept alive. Here people are involved in the upkeep and development of their neighbourhood through the Shrama Daan scheme. 
The people, mainly youth and students, are encouraged to come together and engage in physical work for t…