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Mobile dispensary for naxal-hit vanavasis: Dr Hegewar Janmshatabdi Seva Samiti

Gadchiroli district that lies along the edge of Maharashtra is regarded as one of the most undeveloped and backward tribal region of the country. This district is gripped by various development-related problems such as health, education and employment. Also, the naxal menace and malnutrition are at their peaks. Government initiated a number of schemes for the up-liftment of the region but whether those schemes reached up to the common people is really a matter of concern.
Deriving inspiration from Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Dr Hegewar Janmshatabdi Seva Samiti, since several years, is striving to reach healthcare and educational facilities up to the vanavasi brethren residing in the remote regions of the country. With an objective of providing healthcare and creating health awareness among the people of Aheri, Etapalli, Bhamragarh and Mulchera regions of Gadchiroli District through mobile dispensary, the samiti initiated this work in 1988 to mark the centenary year of RSS founder Dr…