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YFS Health Team Gulbarga visit coordinated by Sewwabharati

Last weekend, Vyjayanti and I were off to Gulbarga to take things forward following my previous visit. We were in Gulbarga for 3 days from Mar 18 - 20 and tried to fit it as much as possible during that time to get things going. We are happy to announce that we are now all set to begin officially in Afzalpur from April 8th. In addition, we're also starting a Doctors for Seva clinic in Gulbarga city slums on April 7th. Details of the visit are attached, and here are some highlights:
1. We approached 12 doctors while in Gulbarga, and now have a team of 6 Specialists for Afzalpur who will volunteer once a month. 
2. We also found a nurse/assistant who shall accompany the doctors from Gulbarga to Afzalpur every Sunday. So the visiting team will comprise of a Pediatrician, a Gynecologist, a nurse and volunteers.
3. Seva Bharathi, an NGO which runs 14 tution centres in Gulbarga city slums will be helping us set up a free clinic in one of the tuition centres. 
4. We were s…