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Sewa Bharathi Western Andhra Pradesh SSC / 10th class Exams 2012 Results

Sewa Bharathi Western Andhra Pradesh SSC / 10th class Exams 2012 Results The total 19 children out of 53 have touched the 9.0 and above grade which is stupendous by any means. These children Orphaned / destituted or victims of some unfortunate thing in their life have shown an enormous grit and strength and the result is before us to see. The most interesting feature is the Palamoor / mahaboobnagar awasam which is an exclusive Child labour rehabilitation home that leads the results as has been the case. The Gokavaram awasam is a chenchu tribal home which has also performed very well.






NAMEPlaceHall Ticket No.Grade .

. 1Uttaluri AnkannaGokavaram12201564095.8 . 2J.NarasimhaNandyala12201453259.7 . 3ManoharNandyala12201456949.5 . 4S.RambabuNandyala1210141658
. 5V.UpendrasaiKurnool12201097857.8 . 6HarikumarKurnool12201051027.2 . 7Vaddera NagarajuPalamur12411041329.8 . 8Kasipovu ChaitanyaPalamur1241104492withheld . 9Kammari NareshPalamur12411035659.3 . 10Jogu MaheshP…

Sewa Bharathi Free medical camp Chandigarh

Fri, May 25th, 2012 Sanjay Pahwa, Chandigarh: If one can measure hope and faith, the long ques outside Sewa Bharti, Sector-29A,Chandigarh are its example. On every Sunday at 4 AM people start gathering in front of Sewa Bharti premises to get their name to be registered for the treatment which Sh. Virender Sharma starts at 6 AM without any charges. Today, a free medical camp was organised by Chandigarh Press Club where Sh. Virender Sharma treated the members of the Media fraternity and their families for ailments like Cervical, Migraine, Slip Disc, Spondylisis, Joint pains, arthritis etc. Mr. Sharma is neither a doctor nor a sooth sayer but he is blessed by a saint (faqueer) and endowed with qualities to treat the patients without seeing any X-Ray, MRI, Blood Test. He is basically an engineer by profession and gives training in Industries on fire fighting. He says faith is the main healer, not me. People from different parts of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Delhi, J&K etc. come for tr…