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sewabharti Madhya Pradesh

The all-round sustainable development of the nation depends upon comprehensive and integrated progress of all the segments of its society specially the backward and deprived ones. The strength of the society also lies in an equitable harmonious social fabric based upon its cultural ethos and values.
With this perspective in view Sewa Bharati Madhya Bharat strives towards creating an environment of harmony and social equity in the society. It seeks to promote the Indian cultural ethos of love and universal brotherhood-Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam amongst people. It works especially among the economically weaker and socially backward sections and the tribal and indigenous communities in India to make them self reliant and participant in the development of the nation. It also works to generate in them a feeling of confidence and self esteem. To achieve this objective Sewa Bharati Madhya Bharat has taken a number of initiatives in the area of education, healthcare, social security…