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Dedicated to helping others

My experience with “Sewa Bharti”, provided me a chance to work with women. The work is focused on socially and economically marginalized Dalit women to improve thier income and social status which helped me to understand the process of government programmes regarding SHG formation.
During my work with Punashcha I developed training modules for teachers, children [School going and outside schools] and community regarding learning from our surroundings and prepared implementation plan of UNICEF supported programme “KNOW YOURSELF AND SURROUNDINGS”. My work with organization enriched my ability to develop training modules, planning and implementation of project.
As a social activist, I played important role in various social movements with Student Organizations, Indian Peoples Theatre Association (IPTA) and other social organizations, and have passion to work for common man.
1990 when I was only 20 year old I got my first experience of a humanitarian response during communal…