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Appeal for Support to the flood Victims in the Northeast India

Sewabharathi volunteers distributing relief material

Rivers flowing above danger level:  Brahmaputra and the Kapili Total affected villages                                          :  4,540 across (814 under water still) Total no of people affected                                  : 22.37 lakh Lives lost in floods and landslides                      : 122 (Assam)  number of evacuees                                             : 370,000
People in Relief camps                                        : 1,67,309 Total districts affected by floods                          : 27
Districts still under water                                      : 13 Total districts affected by landslides                   : 3
Animals                                                                  :  540 animals, including 13 rhinos (Kaziranga)

In the worst-hit Dhemaji district, raging waters of the Brahmaputra River swept away entire villages. Flood situation improves in Arunachal Meanwhile,…

Sewa International Design & Development Centre inaugurated in Kutch

25/06/2012 23:14:13 

Expanding Golden Era of Handy crafts in Kutch

“Many organizations were at the forefront of relief and rehabilitation soon after the devastating earthquake of 2001, serving the affected in whatever way they can, however after a decade a few only are still trying to help out the development of Kutch. Sewa International and Sewa Bharati are among the few who have continued their mission even after a decade and this is the indication of their commitment and perseverance,” exclaimed Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Bhai Modi while inaugurating the Sewa International Design & Development Centre, in Jiapar Village, Kutch, Gujarat.
The Chief Minister arrived right on dot in the remote village Jiapar for the inauguration of the newly constructed building of the SIDDC that surprised many. Beating the scorching sun and powerful wind, more than 7000 people had gathered for the inaugural and to listen to the popular leader, women present in dominant number.  This D…