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An Evening with the children at Ramchandra Kurulkar Trust,

Its been a week, more than a week per-se, since we were there. Aniket and I. With Veeru consistently behind me for the past whole week to pen down my experience, he finally gave up too.
It was not reluctance or putting it for later, but the sheer fear, that I might not capture the entirety of the essence of the experience, might not fully translate the intensity of emotions that we went throu or just do justice to what it really did to my conscience.
It was the day of confrontation, I was a jerky mess. I haven't done this alone before. Got up very early, with tightened nerves. Still the tape of the last few days were replaying on my mind, is this going to make a difference, how is going to affect me? Would I be judged pretentious? What is this going to be in the long run. Finally, opted for an open mind and went with the flow of what was planned.
The place was far from where I live, after much asking around, we reached.
The first sight of  Ramchandra Kurulkar Trust, supp…