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Seva Bharati takes J&K to new heights of development

Source: News Bharati      Date: 1/28/2012 Seva InterviewJammu-Kashmir region that is regarded as the heaven of India has a quite unstable civic picture. Strange geographical conditions, social instability, backwardness, separatist political ideology and the fumes of terrorism have polluted the heavenly atmosphere of this region. Some non-governmental and voluntary organizations striving hard for transforming the entire face of the region are the only rays of hope for the brethren residing in this remote region of India. Seva Bharati leads the list of such organizations engaged in the work of bringing the stream of development in the region. In order to bring such organizations under a single roof for intellectual churning, Seva Sangam programme was recently organized in Jammu. On this pious occasion, Seva Bharati J & K and Himachal prant seva pramukh Jaidev ji gave information about the various projects initiated for the development of the region.
Excerpts:The state …