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Phulchand Jain, a one man institution : Deendayal Vanavasi Seva Ashram

Source: News Bharati      Date: 11/22/2011  In today’s scenario, there are n number of examples resembling ‘seva for the sake of politics’ but Mungeli resident Phulchand Jain is a unique example of quitting politics for the sake of seva. Moved by the plight of adivasi brethren, he quit the post of MLA and took a deep plunge into seva work for the development of vanavasis. Even at this ripe age of 80, when he visits any of the projects initiated by him before a long period of time, the satisfaction that is revealed on his face acts as a source of inspiration for the young aspirants who want to do something good for the seek of motherland. Recently, we had the privilege of having a short term interaction with this great visionary who is striving hard from last three decades for transforming the face of this backward region of Chhattisgarh.
Excerpts : Q. How did the journey begin for this noble work?
A. In 70s, a 200-km-long padayatra was organized in the vanavasi region unde…