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Appeal : Assam: 19 dead, 30 lakh left homeless

Courtesy NDTV
Sewabharathi has been working on the flood affected since the first wave hit and still continues to be at ground zero, providing relief and working with the victims helping them rebuild their lives.

Below is the link to the relief activities :

Guwahati: The situation in Assam, where water from the third wave of flood inundated 16 districts of the state is receding, remains grim with 19 people dead and over 30 lakh affected. Lakhs of animals have also been swept away and farmlands inundated in the one of the most devastating floods in more than a decade. The death of animals has given rise to the fear of diseases being spread.

The weather is also showing signs of improvement. Though the Brahmaputra, Subansiri and Dhansiri along with their tributaries were still flowing above the danger level, the flood waters were seen receding from the 2594 villages and 2,26,902 hectare farmland, official sourc…