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Laughing to stay fit, keep troubles at bay

BHOPAL: Laugh to stay fit and keep troubles at bay, believes the Bhopal Laughter Club for the elderly.
What started out as a solitary group in year 2000, today boasts of 28 such centres where the membership is free and laughter too. Chairperson of the Bhopal Laughter Club, C B Chansoria talking to TOI said, "We aim to make the lives of the elderly a little better by relieving them of tension. Around 90% of our members are above 50".
"Laughter therapy is very effective as many diseases like diabetes can be kept in check. It is also good for a healthy heart. The elderly do not burden their minds with the troubles of the world and the time during the mornings is one of fun," said 74-year-old Chansoria.
"Besides it has been shown via people who laugh daily can reap the benefits as those who walk. Laughing exercises keep the limbs fit and healthy. Also they relieve the person from cough which is a main problem during old-age," he added.