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Poor activist sacrifices honorarium to serve the community

Kashi, Uttar Pradesh: Money does not necessarily always motivate people towards service. It is the vision adopted by organization which boosts greatest value of sacrifice. This is a story which gives glimpse of the greatest value – sacrifice.
Menka, a member of poor family in Kashi had a small family which included her parent and a brother. Their livelihood solely depended on the job her father once had for some years, but his company was shut down and he lost the job.
After losing his job her father started as a florist. He used to collect flowers and sell them to the devotees in Shankar temple. Her mother’s health was on decline after the illness she undergone. Her elder brother had secured graduation. But he was not able to get the job he dreamt. On some occasion after intervention of his relatives he started working as a small vendor of various goods. Now he had resource that could earn him money, though it depended on overall sale of his goods. On the other hand, th…