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Saksham: Providing ‘VISION’ to visually impaired

The blinds do not see. We just give them a stick and help them find their way through the ‘darkened’ alleys. Almost all the social organizations that provide help to the blinds follow the same ‘help them’ path. These organizations provide them much needed support, but that’s all. SAKSHAM is not an organization which would follow this beaten path. They did something more for these blind people. They actually help these ‘visually challenged’ people to see and experience the beauty of life.
SAKSHAM is the abbreviation of Samadrishti, Kshamata Vikas Evam Anusandhan Mandal. This is a charitable national organization registered at Nagpur under the registration number MAH/654/2008(N). This organization was set up to bring all the persons with various disabilities into the main stream of our nation. SAKSHAM believes that the disabled people are not the burden on the society but assets of the nation.
There are books available in Braille for the visually impaired persons. This lessens their burde…