Remarkable Achievements of Seva Bharati, Purbanchal

  1. Training of 1000 health workers per year. (Including New and Old)
  2. 4052 Arogya Mitra render service to more than 20,000 patients per day in rural areas of North-East States.
  3. 5 Doctors equipped with 2 medical vans with free medicines and 5 Ambulances are treating about 7000 Patients by organizing 50 health camps where medicines are given free of cost per month.
  4. 3000 poor students of 17 different Janajaties of N.E. region getting free education together with hostel facilities in N. E. States and outside the N.E. region – in Maharastra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh & Delhi etc.
  5. 151 nos. of permanent Yoga centres are run by Yoga vibhag and imparting yoga training and treatment. In addition, 20 training camps, each of 7 days duration areorganized by the yoga teachers imparting yoga training to at least 700 people of the region per year.


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