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Sewabharathi Kokrajhar: Riot Victims relief and rehab

SevaBharati reached out to more than 60K victims and provided them with blankets, food, mosquito coils & note books.
Thanks to all the donors
 SevaBharathi distributed blankets and cloths to the victims
#HelpAssamRiotVictims Efforts of swayamsevaks of #SevaBharathi is commendable and this was possible because of you #SevaBharathi distributed 2 truckloads of basic needs of kitchen utensils, plastic mats & cloths HelpAssamRiotVictims #HelpAssamRiotVictims Temporary shelters from CI sheets for the victims of the riots built by #SevaBharathi #HelpAssamRiotVictims But this was job half done. Once the riot subsided #SevaBharathi arranged for temp. shelters and vocational training #HelpAssamRiotVictims Hostel for boys built by #SevaBharathi They were provided vocational training in various fields #HelpAssamRiotVictims Many victims were provided train…