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Sewa Bharti Snehalaya rehabilitation centre for HIV-Hit children : Sewa Bharati

Snehalaya rehabilitation centre has proved as a home of respect for children belonging to red light area and affected by HIV. Himmatgram project initiated by Snehalaya in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra has become a new ray of hope for the children of women engaged in prostitution.

The man behind this noble work is Girish Kulkarni. A social karyakarta since college years, Prof Kulkarni once witnessed an extremely bitter picture in red light area. A 14-year-old girl was brought there and forced to prostitution. He was extremely moved by her plight and vowed to transform this situation. Along with his team of karyakartas, he started visiting the habitats of prostitutes and earned their trust to take them out of this deep well. This gave birth to his maiden project for the upliftment of HIV-hit children that served as a lighthouse for the other social institutions.

The centre currently houses 400 boys and girls hit by HIV and belonging to the red light area. A separate arrangement has…