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SHG women in Tamil Nadu execute a noble idea

It has always been a difficult task to organize women of the society but the Self Help Group (SHG) scheme initiated by Seva Bharati, Tamil Nadu, in Kanyakumari district has made this possible. In a remote Vanvasi village called Kodithuraimalai, SHG women resolved to execute a noble idea. After every weekly meeting all the members gathered to work in the farm of one of the members of the SHG without any payment. The member offered them lunch and evening tea. The next week the same activity would be carried out in the farm of another member. This rotation of work is carried out in the farms of all the members in a regular turn. The resultant yield of self-reliance is promising both materialistically and socially. Alcoholism is a menace in our society and it is very difficult to do away with it. The SHG women achieved remarkable victories in this field too. In a village called Thenkarai a liquor shop was situated near the only pathway leading to the village. The villagers t…