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Reunion of Kids on Railway Platforms with their Parents

Mumbai: Imagine a mother, whose child is lost for one year. Being from a poor family she searched wherever she could and with passing time lost all hopes of getting the child back. Suddenly with the help of an NGO she meets her child. Both of them cannot stay away from each other, the child runs to his mother and she embraces him. Do you think a single human being can stop his tears?
This was the scene in concluding session of Samatol Foundation’s “De-addiction & Home Orientation Camp”.
‘Samatol’ works for kids staying on Junction stations in Mumbai. These are normally run away children who have left away their homes for petty reasons. Samatol works with these children, de-addicts them, counsels them & sends them back to their homes where they can progress.
The sixteenth such de-addiction & Home orientation amp started on 1st November 2012 at Village Mamnoli near Kalyan in association with “Hindu Seva Sangh”. Total 28 kids of age group 6 to 14 were in this camp. …