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Pictures of Sewa Bharati Uttarakhand flood relief Activity

Till now four trucks containing relief material like food, water, medicines, blankets were sent in Uttar Kashi, Ukhi Math, Gupt Kashi, Joshi Math and Dehradun. Free Food and Health care is being provided to the pilgrims and local villagers The three basic Helipads where rescued pilgrims and villagers are being brought are Sahasradhaara, Jolly Grant ground – Dehradun and ONGC Helipad – Dehradun. The organisation in association with other agenicies is running free medical aid and food centers in all the three centers. From the centre at Maneri 500-1000 persons affected by the flood are being served food per day, apart from volunteers who carry food and shawls to the surrounding areas affected by floods.  Free Transportation facility is being provided to the weak and exhausted. Including buying tickets to the needy. 
Local Villagers are also coming forward with food and whatever little they could offer.
The volunteers are Helping pilgrims and flood affected reach and locate their near an…