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Sewabharati Uttarakhand Relief Activity

Here is a brief report of relief activity from Uttarakhand Everyday 12,000 people were fed in the camps, and by June 28, over 980,000 people had been served mealsMedicines worth Rs 10 lakh, and foodgrains worth Rs over 1 crore distributed, 58 truckload of relief material dispatched to different locations from Dehradun control roomOver 500 workers engaged in the relief operation all over the stateIn first phase, the stranded persons were rescued and provided mealsIn second phase, the work has already began to first search the affected local people, as about 32 villages have totally washed away. Rehabilitation of these people and also reconstruction of their villages has begun. In some villages where the local people fed their entire ration to the stranded people, will be provide sufficient foodgrainsSince the localkhhacharwala, taxi owners,pujaris, palakiwalas,dhabhaowners, etc also washed away in the floods, their family members will be helpedSupport the Flood affected :
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