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#SewaBharti NGO collects free medicines for poor

Amritsar, November 27
If you have any unused medicines at home and prefer to donate these to Seva Bharati, an organisation that is helping poor people get medical services by providing them free medicines. Volunteers of Seva Bharati can be contacted at room number 107 of orthopaedic emergency at Guru Nanak Dev Hospital.
The room was provided to the organisation by the hospital management five years ago after seeing its members' zeal to perform service. The volunteers can be seen distributing medicines to the needy as prescribed by doctors from 11 am to 1.30 pm daily.
"We all have some unused medicines in our homes. Sooner or later, these would expire if they are not used. In most cases we throw them when they are of no use. But it will be better if the medicines reach the people who cannot afford them," said Joginder Pal Mahajan, president of Seva Bharati.
Mahajan said they also collected monetary donations from their known people to keep the syst…