25 years of Peoples participation, unity & Integration : Seva Bharati Orissa

It was during 1985 & the same day Republic day & Saraswati Puja was celebrated. People of Mundigarh & its’ near by villages starts analysing their problems. From deeper introspection illiteracy & health identified as their social problem. What is the way out? Strongly everybody articulated to fight against these problems. Followed by a movement starts through association. “Seva” term came from Health & Bharati from the other name of Maa Saraswati, the symbolic goddess of education. Thus people named the organisation as Seva Bharati.

Education centre starts from that day onwards. Educator started off imparting education. Each family contributed 10 rupees & formed a community fund. 10 common diseases Identified & medicines procured for the remedy at the rate of 700 only. In an outer corner near to village graveyard there was a VLW quarter which was restructured & foundation stone lay in the name of Seva Bharati.

Analysis again started in the common village meetings regarding their social problems & a elongated list prepared where Hunger, Alcoholism, landlord, exploitation, corruption, fear, lack of self confidence, blind believe, unemployment, unfair Govt. process, degradation of forest, soil erosion, Sanctuary, Caste feeling and religious disparity were taken the frontage. To face these types of problems 4 strategies were fixed i.e. Rapport, Organization, Struggle & Service.

Relationship created from the village level to worldwide. Seva bharati has set aside the foot prints in the village committees, district level voluntary organizations federation, state level networks, national level associations & international level consortiums & world social forum. Struggle initiated taking human rights so that to live with the minimum basic needs. Tussle has become stronger. At every village, Committees are organised. At village level, taking 5 villages “Mutha” formed. Taking Panchayats, “Paata” formed. And in central level Organization tackle with all. Few like minded people’s networks were also created. Leaders were taken the responsibility of social war. Representatives were selected from the Panchayat to Parliament.

Then started various institutions & organizations like: Maa Bhairabi High School, Netaji Subash Ch Bosh College, Dharmaraj Primary Health Centre, Hundreds of Self Help Groups, Dhanwantary and Antaranga: a youth federation. All these are now in a row of village development. Focussing on education & health these cadres are also undertaking other aspects of community development after a great deal of analysis. Apart from these we are aiming towards the revival of village and cottage industries. Many an alternatives like Ama Gaon Khabar(a monthly wall magazine), Soap making, Khajur Jaggery preparation, Siali leaf stitching, traditional farm practice and indigenous seeds preservation have already been implemented for the socio-economic upliftment. We are making an effort to maintain unity & integrity through people’s participation but the vested environment & circumstance shatters. Like this years after years spent. After 25 years today it stands on 26th. Development paradigm has changed. Oppose is going on but the opponents are seems like gigantic. Earlier it was with village landlord but now it is with world lord. Now the fight for right is not with Government but with Globalisation. Not with Land, water, air and natural resources but with climatic change.All contenders are united. The “self scented-Haves” group of people challenging others. A regular attempt is going on to break the social bondage especially of associations & haves not and for us the signs are caste, groups, regionalism, religion & linguistic conflicts.
Very last seed has turned out to be a great tree today. During past years many a passerby has taken rest under its shed. Different people have filled their stomach in form of food by taking its fruit. It is difficult to reckon that large numbers of birds have taken rests in its branch. Some has taken its seed & replanted a new set where that has fully fledged. In future course of time by appropriately utilising human as well as natural resources, we are aiming towards creating of a pro-people oriented, human value concerned, healthy & a hunger free society.

I salute them from the core of heart, taking whose contributions we go ahead.

Contact Person : Pramod Pattanaik (Secretary)
At/Po :- Mundigarh,
Via :-  Tumudibandh

Dist :-  Kandhamal
Orissa  :- 762107
Landline  :-  +91-6840-211021 (Cell:-9437391572)
Email :-


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