Dr.Hedgewar Janmashatabdi Sewa Samiti: A Profile

Dr.Hedgewar Janmashatabdi Sewa Samiti, Chandrapur was established in 1988. The First President was Late.Shri.Madhukarrao Bhagawat. “Seva” is the prominent feature of R.S.S. The places of operation of Seva Samiti are Wardha, Chandrapur, Gadchiroli, bhandara, Gondia and Nagpur Gramin. R.S.S. has always tend a helping hand to the society in all kinds of calamities and social disturbances.
To activate these tasks, Dr.Hedgewar Seva Samiti has been established from the Birth Centenary of the founder of R.S.S. Dr.Keshav Balirampant Hedgewar. Most of the people in the society are far away from basic services like education and health. Believing only government can provide all theses services, it will be self-deceiving. The present situation in Seva-Vastis (Slums) and tribal area like Gadchiroli and Chandrapur Districts, is very alarming. So Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is also trying to approach such poor and needy people and provide with basis services i.e.education and health.
Inspiring from the life of Dr.Hedgewar, Adya Sarsanghachalak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Dr.Hedgewar Janmashatabdi Sewa Samittee have started various Sewa Karyas d(Social Projects) in 1989 i.e. birth Centenary of Dr.Hedgewar.Chandrapur and Gadchiroli are tribal districts. Underlining the education and health problems Sewa Samitee has been working systematically since 1989. Sewa Samitee has been providing accommodation and education to Vanvasi (tribal) students through Vivekanand Chhatravas at Aheri, Etapalli, Sironcha, Mulchera, Jeevati and Korchi.
Simulteneously, in sphere of health Sewa Samittee has been providing health facilities through mobile unit in remote are of Bhamaragarh, Aheri, Etapalli and Mulchera. Sewa Samitee also rushes towards epidemic prone area like diseases Malaria, Diarrhea etc

Vivekanand Hostels
To alleviate the woes of all distresses and ‘have nots’ various projects are launched. Dr.Ambedkar always uttered that Education is the milk of tigress/ whoever will have it, he will become strong and confident. So to solve the problem of education of the vanvasis, living in the remote areas, hostels have been started at taluka places such as Etapalli, Mulchera, Sironcha, Korachi, Gondpimpri and Jivati.

Children interested to learn but have to drop out due to financial inability of their parents are selected and taken to the hostels. Here they get shaped by the various activities carried out in the hostels from 5 am. till 10 pm. They get aquainted with lives of great heroes. They are given the knowledge of “Stotras” and taught “Shlokas” Also through the games they are properly trained on the play grounds. They are transformed into the well civilized persons. These finely polished gems are then ready to take over the social responsibilities on their eminent shoulders.

Boys’ Hostels
1. Vivekanand Chhatravas, Etapalli,Dt.Gadchiroli
2. Vivekanand Chhatravas, Mulchera, Dt.Gadchiroli
3. Vivekanand Chhatravas , Sironcha, Dt.GAdchiroli
4. Keshav Chhatravas, Korachi, Dt.Gadchiroli
5. Sewa Samittee, Chhatravas, Gondpimpri, Dt.Chandrapur

Balwadi and Sanskar Kendra
Family is the first school of a child. Grand parents tell the stories and kids get value education. But today it is all things of past. To help the under privileged kids re-live their childhood, project like ‘Sanskar Kendra’ and ‘Balwadi’ (Nursery) are launched and successfully operated by Seva Samiti.

With the advent of newest technologies and easy accessibility to TV and computers the habit of reading book has taken a back set. To help to retrive this wonderful culture of reading, volunteers of Seva Samiti will try to reach as many number of kids and lend them the books through “Bag Library” i.e. zola vachanalaya’ project. Children read the book and speak about it in a group. This will imbibe various qualities such as reading understanding, self interpretation and publick speaking which is now a days rare.

Study Centres
In this competitive age one must get proper guidance in education. Keeping this in mind, Seva Samiti offers a helping hand to the weaker students to help them study better after school through free tuition class. To support this “Study Rooms” are also provided. Here students come for study and get proper guidance through the teacher friend and get solved their problems.This is just a glimpse of all that seva samiti has or wishes to offer to the society. A helping hand is never too short- this is what seva samiti believes in and doing its bit to help serve humanity.

To Encourage the Tribal students trying to get education and working hard for the same, Dr.Hedgewar Sewa Samiti Felicitate such girls and boys every year standing first in S.S.C. Sewa Samiti offer Late Malatibai Bhagawat Puraskar for a Tribal Girl coming first in SSC. and Late Diwakarrao Khandalkar Smruti Puraskar For a tribal boy standing first in S.S.C. One of the felicitated student Ku.Shubhangi Mangam is taking her higher education at Sewagram Medical college (M.B.B.S., M.D.) and pride for the region.

‘Ashray’ The home of homeless (Orphanage)
Those no one in the world or whom their own blood detached the innocence in their childhood without their any snag. Who needs the care love and shelter for being the good human being. They have got the hand of Ashray the home of Orphan. This project has been running since 15th August 2003 by Dr.Hedgewar Janmashatabdi Seva Samiti, Chandrapur. It is working continuously only on the motives to provide good education, Nationalism and skill of self reliant.It began with only 3 kids. Here the children come from very isolated, hilly and rural areas. They are from illiterate, Naxal affected areas. Till 25 children have been taking an advantage and become successful person in their life. They stand on their own feet by the help of Ashray.

This project is continue at the home of Shree. Prabhakar Shreetharao Patil from 2003 without any government fund. In this orphanage among 25 candidated, 10 candidated passed SSC Exam. and further they took vocational education and earn their own bread. Venketesh Bapu Sidam the first child of this project is studying 12th Sciece. Mallesh Portet graduated, now aiming to be IAS officer. He is preparing for MPSC-UPSC examination in Pune. Another Tirupati Penta joined police force in Gadchiroli. Rakesh Pungati has represented chandrapur cricket club in Chennai championship. He was honored by Home Minister Shri. R.R.Patil. He got married and live happy life in gadchiroli with pride.As homeless children got parentage shelter at Ashray, Lokmanya Tilak Vidyalaya, Chandrapur provide education for these children. They provide free education, vocational and Art education to promote them in life. They also took parts in various activities like yoga. Suryanamaskar and other competition and achieved glorious success. Recently they got first prize in Chacha Neharu sport Championship.

These children has received parental atmosphere, they involves and celebrates all festivals as Gudipadva, Rakshabandhan, Bhaubij, Holi, Rangapanchami. Beautiful colours of these festivals are sprinkled by Ashray in their dark life. On 26th January they worshipeed Bharatmata. Their physical test and treatment regularly have been done at Government hospital as well as the helping hand of Dr.Girish Timande , Dr.Arunrao Kulkarni, Dr.Pallavi Allurwar and Dr.Rashmi Sardeshpande and Sacchidanand Mungantiwar.Those have attachment, love and affection with these children such people celebrate birthday with these children, on the occasion of Diwali some people gifted crackers and enjoyed. Shri.Nanabhau Shyamkule MLA., Chandrapur visited here to return the debt of society. Ashray project is running successfully by keeping the social responsibility about orphans, homeless and deprived children.

Mobile Dispensory
Importance of health in human life is undisputed. Only a healthy body can possess a healthy mind and a sublime soul. Determining this, our traditional motto has been “Sarvepi Santu Niramaya” i.e.let All people be healthy and free from diseases. Rushis and Acharyas also pray for healthy people through the psalm. This ideal was being cultivated in our people’s mind through customs and rites.

‘Health for all’ is the motto of World Health Organisation. To fulfill this, WHO has been trying to reach all the deep-rooted people in the society through different government of all countries. Our government has been also trying for this purpose. But unfortunately, sluggishness, stifling of self initiative, dependence on the government for alleviating our miseries and perpetual wailing over the administration’s failure to come our rescue has become a part of our nature.

Mobile Medical Unit
More than five decades have passed since the advent of independence, yet tribal in this in this remote area are struggling for survive against epidemic disease and Malnutrition. Government Health Centers has been established at taluka places. But the geographical distance between places, makes tribal difficult from receiving basic services. Unawareness of diseases, hygiene, lack of communication and transportation facilities make diseases stronger than man.

The problem of tribal health and nutrition is linked with social, economic and educational status of the tribal. The tribal demographic scenario is one of high fertility, high maternal and infant mortality rates. Poverty, illiteracy malnutrition, lack of personal hygiene, unsanitary conditions and absence of health education, poor mother and child health services. Thus inaccessibility of difficult pockets in the district has kept them away from certain basic amenities like primary education and health care. So Dr.Hedgewar Janmashatabdi Sewa Samiti, Chandrapur has decided to run health Centers in Gadhiroli District through Mobile Unit. Bhamragad, Etapalli, Mulchera, Aheri and Sironcha are most remote Talukas in Gadchiroli Dist. Sewa Samiti Started its services on Birth Centenary Celebration year of Dr.Hedgewar, founder of R.S.S. in 1989. The services of Mobile Health Unit is regular till today. Many Doctors provide their services through this Mobile unit.

To reach such places Sewa Samittee has been trying to provide Health Service through Mobile Unit. Doctors and Swayamsevaks of Sewa Samittee attend village patients. Medical Van well-equipped with doctors and medicines run village to village in inaccessible pockets of this tribal area of Gadchiroli District. Weekly Medical Centres in each villages service more than 50 patients per day. Our Mobile Medical van in many places of this district have became the lone source of their treatments in few years. Pathological tests have been carried out in our pathology laboratory established at Aheri Centre and also we are trying to avail these facilities through our Medical Van.

About 65 villages are interconnected with our six weekly medical centre ensuring villagers their better health. In last few years not only we have simply transported accident victims and serious patients to hospitals but also we have taken care of treatment of persons whose family lmembers fail to reach in times. We have also been carrying out surgeries with the help of hospitals far away from this area.

Health Worker Project ( Swastha-rakshak )
Women Village Health Workers (Arogya Rakshika) are selected from the respective community by Sewa Samiti. They are trained in various aspects of malnutrition, various diseases, pre and antenatal care, behavioral communication change. They are acting as resource persons for the village and are playing a crucial role in creating awareness in the field of nutrition and Health Awareness among the tribals. Sewa samittee also provided them a first aid kit and necessary medicines. Regular Health Check up of pregnant women and new born babies in the intervention area is done under the supervision of Doctors through these health workers.

In this context, Dr.Hedgewar Janmshatabdi Sewa Samitee has been arranging the training of a woman in a village called “Swastha-rakshak”, for placing him incharge of health care of the village. They are given a pack of ten medicines and the responsibility of attending to all the patients of the village. Such Swastha-rakshaks are appointed in 10 villages. These Swastha-rakshak has been given training of awareness of T.B. and DOT (Directly Observed Treatment) and other epidemics and day to day Health issues. The patients suffer from Tuberculosis in the village are directly kept under observation of these Swastha-rakshakas and given regular three day treatment in a week for six or eight months depending upon the category of disease. Sewa Samiti have established Health worker system in one of the most remote pocket of Gadchiroli District i.e. Petha Circle of Etapalli Taluka .

Blood supply centre
What could be better than getting uncontaminated blood for the friend and family of the patient in dire need? A blood bank where with utmost care and use of latest technologies, blood is acquired, separated and stored in ideal conditions is Dr.Hedgewar Blood Bank operated by Seva Samiti. Also the distribution centre at Wardha is working efficiently under this project.

Since last 17 years Blood supply centre run by Wardha Dist. Sewa samitti is providing blood to nearly 25 hospitals as well as govt. hospital and Sawangi Meghe Medical college hospital. Yearly at least 500 patients are the beneficiaries of this blood supply centre. Blood supply centre at wardha arrange Medical Camps regularly and blood collected through theses Blood donation camps is sent to Dr.Hedgewar Blood Bank, Nagpur and as per need this blood is supplied to the patients in Wardha District.

Tailoring Centres
Seva samiti also launched “tailoring centres’, under self help projects. Women get trained here and become financially independent and self confident.

You can donate us for………
1. For the yearly expenses of an Orphan in Ashray :-(Rs.20,000)
2. Monthly Medicine Cost for the Medical Camps run in Remote are of the Gadchiroli Dist.:- (Rs. 20,000)
3. Yearly Expenses of a child in Vivekanand Hostel situated at Sironcha, Mulchera, Etapalli and Korachi :- (Rs.15000)
4. Mangal Nidhi : You can donate a lump sum amount in a Auspicious Domestic Function like Marriage, Birthday, ‘Sahastrachandra darshan’ function etc.
5. Smruti Nidhi : You can donate lump sum amount in a memory of your beloved one.
6. For Arogyaraksha (Village Health Worker) Expenses Rs.1000/- per month for each Arogyaraksha for Medicine Expenses and honorarium.( Rs.12000 per year per VHW)
7. Ambulance Maintenance Expenses Rs.15,000/- per month including honorariums of workers.
8. For Rugna Sahitya Kendra Rs. 20,000/- per year for equipments.

Donations in the form of Material :-

1. Donate books for the Library.
2. Toys and Educational Material for the kids in Shishu Mandir and Balwadi.
3. Study Material for the Students in the Hostel and Ashray (Orphanage) like School Bags, school Dresses, books and other study material.
4. You can provide Rice Bags for the Students living in different Hostels and Ashray (Orphanage).

Postal Address :

Dr. Hedgewar J.Sewa Samiti,
C/o. Shri.Vasantrao Thote
‘Daulat’ Bhiwapur Ward,
Phone No. :- (07172) 225337
Mobile No.:- +919422180288, +919975349446
Email : dhjssschd@gmail.com


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