Sewa Bharti Jammu: A Brief Profile

Sewa Bharti, J&K is a registered organization dedicated to the cause and ideology of creating a castless society where in all are equal and responsible members of the society. “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinam Sarve Santo Niranmaya”, which means “May all beings be prosperous, May prosperit be all around”, a universal prayer for well beings of all, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, ethinic and geographical backgrounds is the strength which leys the organization working effectively.

Education Sector:
Sewa Bharti J&K has realized that even after sixty one years of independence, a large percentage of population is deprived of academic education. A large number of children drop out before they reach 8th Class. Boys and girls are forced to earn for their livelihood before they are 10 yrs old. Lack of Education among parents, economic poverty running in families for ages etc., are the root causes of all this.

To mitigate these social inequalities, Sewa Bharti has opened.

a) Balwan Kendra for tiny tots

b) Bal Sanskar Kendras for children from 6 yrs- 18 yrs, where besides, guidance in academic course (by giving tuitions after School hours), children are acquainted with the Sanskars by imparting them knowledge about our country, our national and religious festivals, our culture and heritage, our history through debates on social topics, cultural shows and such like activities.

Ekal Vidalyas: Sewa Bharti has opened Ekal Vidalyas (Single Teacher School) where local youths teach children of their localities. This way employment is afforded to the unemployed youth and their own kiths and kins also get benefit.The teacher of the school impart education to the local people about the beneficary scheme run by Govt. At present there are 241 such Ekal Vidalyas running in J&K State.

Adult Eduction programmes
A home is a heaven if the mother is educated. In our Adult Education centers education is imparted to those adult women who for some reasons were unable to study during early years of their life.

We have 103 such centers in Jammu, Srinagar and Leh.

Health sector:-
Health is probably the main target of modern life style.Irregular food habits,in take of junk and canned foods and beverages, unnecessary and damaging inter- ference in our food habits and life style by advertisement of vested and influential parties through print and visual media,has taken the toll of our health. Prohibitive medical treatment and unaffordable medicines have added to this problem. Realizing the importance of awareness Progra- mmes in this Sector, Sewa Bharti J&K has been holding health Awareness Camps/ free medical camps/ Health inspection of children in remote areas in J&K and distributing free medicines to needy patients. Health Examination of children in schools is also being conducted Medical camp in Slum Area to ensure detection of any disease in children to enable its early and timely treatment.


Two allopathic dispensaries - one each at Katra and Sewa Bharti, Ved Mandir are functioning to
enable poor patient’s free primary medical aid.


Neurotheraphy camp at Disha Boys Hostel Katra
In addition Two Neuropathy centers, where a diseases is treated without medicines, are functioning One Each at Tallab Tillo and Karan Nagar Jammu.

There are two ambulances to carry patients and their dependents within city or outside the state at bare minimum charges (To cater to cost of petrol and wear and tear.)Provisions for carrying dead bodies along with their dependents at odd hours within or outside the city or outside the State also exist.

May I help you:-
For sometime it was noticed that patients from for flung areas, referred to, for treatment at
GMC Hospital Jammu, loose precious time owing to their non-acquaintance with the hospital
or relevant doctors.Sewa Bharti as such has started a “May I help you” counter at OPD Casuality /Emergency, where voluntary services are available. Our Volunteers guide them to the proper doctor.

In addition to guidance and care rendered to the patients, blankets and cloth bags(since polythene bags are banned in side the hospital) are provided free on “to be returned basis” to the
attendants of the patients.

Blood Donation Camps:-

Blood is one of gift of god which is manufactured in body itself and no where else. There is need of blood for patients in emergency and causality and those undergoing surgeries. Awakened to the reality, we hold blood donation camps regularly where our youths donate blood voluntarily. The blood bank authorities of Govt. hospital are well acquainted with our work which is being carried under their supervision

Self reliance (Swalamban):-
Education means overall development which besides beings helpful to an individual should be beneficial to the society and country and finally to mankind. Academic education alone does not make a person self dependent.It is essential to expose the youth to such schemes and programes, as make him/her self reliant,and enable him/her to be economically self dependent. With this motive Sewa Bharti J&K runs the following self reliance programmes.

Computer Software Application courses (CSAC):-
There are six centers spread over (one each at Srinagar, Leh, Ramban, Katra and two at Jammu),where children are exposed to computer software application courses. The courses taught are equivalent to the courses taught in Govt. run polytechnique colleges. Our student have found placement in various Organizations.

Stitching Cutting and embroidery etc.
centers For such girls and women who come form economically poor backgrounds or who for some reasons could not prosecute their studies, we run Stitching and Embroidery centers, painting centers. These courses are also contem-
porary to such courses run by Govt.Polytechnical colleges.
Self help groups
Sewa Bharti recognizes the potential of rural woman and in this direction has started self help groups,where by women are asked to frame their self help groups and these group are guided and helped to get registered, financial assistance and other facilities. This enables them to:
1 Earn their lively hood,
2 Best utilization of their spare time, and
3 Enhancing their Skills

Counseling for youth
Youth Power is the most potent power and a valuable possession of a nation. To tame this power and channelise it for the development of the country is the responsibility of the elders. Sewa Bharti holds Counseling Classes on Saturday afternoon, where Children are exposed to good values and excellent ways of living a purposeful life which is beneficial both the individual
as well as the nation /Country.Debates/Discussins are hold and the latent leadership qualities of the participants are Counseling for youth explored. The participants are also acquainted
with the rich past of this great country of which we all need to the pround Counseling Classes are
Compulsory for all.

To live in a Society and to be unaware or unmindful of the evils which are eroding its foundations is perhaps the greatest sin. It is our endeavor to awaken our youth and our children toward these evils and inbibe in them such qualities as make them able to work for abolishment of all these evils. It is our way of making the society free from such evils .In this direction, we through “Nuked Nataks”’ by children from our Bal Sanskar Kendras; draw the attention of public towards th social evils like dowry, drug addition, drinking and pollution”.

Realizing the dangers, our good earth is fraught with owing to pollution, we undertake Plantation
drives in which the children are the main participants. It besides fulfitting the purpose of plantation, settles down the feeling of responsibility towards environment in the impregnable minds.About 1600 plants have been planted within last two years and also ensured their protection.

Social functions
Religious and national festivals are the occasion which a society should clebrate together. We
Celebrate these function in the zeal and fervor along with the Children from slums and backward
areas.It helps us many ways, it brings smile on their faces (which are usually absent), it brings peace to our ears and it helps built a society where brother hood and equality is the main

Disha Boys Hostel Katra
In our social obligation as Citizens of an Independence Country, we felt the need of Constructing a hostel at katra, where at present the number of inmates is 25 Children from remote backward areas, or who are economically backward or whose parents were killed or tortured by terrorist have been drawn from areas like leh, poonch, srinagar, reasi etcand admitted in the hostel. Sewa Bharti takes care of their boarding lodging, Education/ Tuition/Uniform etc. It is intended to impart training in the motor Mechanic, Eleecricion, Painter, Pulmber, Masson etc. at Katra hostel, for which infrastructure has to be created.


Send your contribution by CHEQUE / DD drawn in favour of
"SEVABHARATHI JAMMU" payable at Jammu and mail it to,

JAMMU - 180001

(Please enclose a covering letter mentioning your NAME, HOME ADDRESS, PAN NUMBER & PURPOSE OF DONATION)


Donations from within India can be sent to the following Bank Account,

BANK : State Bank of India
ACCOUNT NO. : 10088448366
BRANCH : Karan Nagar, Jammu.
IFS CODE : SBIN0007970

* Send an E-mail to us at regarding the money transfer.
** Your E-mail should include details such as your Name, Home Address, Amount of Donation, Purpose of Donation, Transaction ID, Date of Transfer and Name of Bank and Branch from which Amount was transferred.

Vishnu Sewa Kunj ,
Ved Mandir Complex ,
Amphalla Jammu ,

+91-2570750, 2547000



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