Sewabharati Chandigarh: A brief Activity profile

History of Sewa Bharti in Chandigarh.
    Chandigarh has a unique status and position because of its population and wonderful design. The majority of its residents are either govt. officials or retired Senior Govt officers, educationists and defence personals, in all it have an intellectual mass in its folds. With the growth of city, the population of other states got attracted to find jobs as household helps and other supporting jobs. All of them settled in slums and villages of the city beautiful. With the passage of time this particular mass started swelling and posing its own social problems not compatible with population of city of Corbusier.
    The third Sar Sangh Chalak Manya “Bala Sahib Devras” visited the slum areas and felt the necessity of doing something very seriously to ease there difficulties and problems. The seedling was sown in the minds of RSS volunteers and well wishers who ultimately thought of roping in like minded devoted workers living in the city, Ultimately a band of dedicated workers established Sewa Bharti at Chandigarh in Oct. 1981. 
    The small plant of Sewa Bharti, “Chandigarh Chapter” Planted by its first body under the stewardship of Sh. Jai Ram Joshi as convener and Sh. Ram Swrup Mittal (Secretary) with just humble seven social projects have now grown into a big Banyan tree with its routes spread through out chandigarh and has as many as 82 projects under its umbrella as on May 2009.

    Students of class 8th, 9th and 10th belonging to the economically weaker sections are provided coaching classes under the guidance of well educated teachers "free of cost" at :-
    (i) Sewa Dham,
    (ii) Hallo Majra.

    (a) Bal Sanskar Kender:-
    Small boys and girls of slum areas and villages, moving around unmindfully in most unhygienic condition, some time naked are taken care by Sewa Bharti. Such kids are enrolled in a Bal Sanskar Kender run by our organisation under the care of a teacher and a helper. These kids are taught basic hindi and mathematics, they are also provided with some refreshment.
    The centres are run at

    1. Colony no. 5 (Near sec 44) 2. Sec 25 colony 3. Maulijagran  and  4. Fedan    5. Nayagaon Guga Mari 6. Maloya   7. Kajheri 8. Ramdarbar  9. Madrasi Colony (Bapudham) 10. Hallomajra  11. Nayagaon (Near PGI)

    (b) Adult Education:- Under this scheme the senior men and women are enrolled in the centre and are taught reading, writing hindi and mathematic to the extend of counting money or monthly income and letter writing.

    Medical Aid:
    Sewa Bharti have created medical facility for the peoples living particularly in slum areas, villages in and around chandigarh and a needy general21 mass of chandigarh.

    (a) Dispensary:- Well organized, well equipped Dispensary at Sewa Dham. The dispensary is managed under the supervision of a well qualified and well experienced Doctor. The Doctor is supported by a paramedical staff consisting of
    (i)  Qualified pharmacist
    (ii) Sufficient stock of medicines
    On an average 90 patient are treated daily.
    The medicine and medical checkup by the Doctor is entirely free of cost.

    Medical Checkup by the Doctor (Sewa Dham)

    Dispensing of medicines to Patients at Sewa Dham Dispensary

    (b) Clinical laboratory:- The Lab is managed by an experienced qualified technologist who works under the care of a Doctor of our dispensary. The lab is equipped with all the necessary instruments and chemicals. Here Different test of blood, urine, stool, sputum, sperms and other host of test are carried out. Normally the tests are recommended by our Doctor to the patient and the results are available with in few hours so that the Doctor may decide the line of treatment on the very same day.
    All the tests are on no profit, no loss basis.
    On an average 25 Patient are benefited.

    X-Ray Unit at Sewa Dham
                                                                           (c) X-ray Unit:- Sewa Bharti have installed X-ray unit for the help of poor and needy patients. The unit is run on no profit and no loss basis.

    Physiotherapy Dr. in action

    (d) Physiotherapy:- Sewa Bharti has taken care of senior citizen and other handicapped residents of chandigarh and its surrounding area by establishing a physiotherapy centre. The centre is managed by a qualified Doctor and trained assistant. The centre is equipped with all the necessary instruments and gazette required for different ailments and treatments of gauts, Spondolosis, backache, stiff-ness of joints, weakness of muscles etc. etc.
    (e) Free Aryuvedic and homeopathic treatment is also available in the premises of Sewa Dham. About 450 Patient are benefited.

    Medical checkup by Mobile van Dr.

    (f) Mobile Van:- Taking into consideration the most pitiable condition of people living in slums and villages of chandigarh and its surrounding areas.
    Sewa Bharti has provided a mobile dispensary under the care of a well qualified trained Doctor along with a pharmacist, a helper and a driver.

    Dispensing of Medicines by Mobile van Pharmacist

    The mobile van is well stocked with all the requisite medicines required in such areas. The patients recommended by our Doctor are provided clinical test facility on very nominal rates at Sewa Dham.
    On an average 120 patients daily are benefited with medicines and medical checkup daily free of cost.

    (g) PGI Projects:-

    (i) Nehru Sarai:-  Considering the plight of downtrodden mass of our society, Sewa Bharti have taken care the needs of indoor patients who can not afford to purchase the medicines. The moment Doctor incharge of a ward certifies the status of a patient (poor free patient) Sewa Bharti unit of Nehru Sarai provides medicines free of cost.
    The Attendants of poor patients are provided with blankets (on security) and also a good literature along with orthopedic appliances to the poor patients as advised by the PGI Doctors.

    (ii) APC ward:- The same facility as of Nehru Sarai is provided to the babies of APC ward. They also get medicines free of cost from Sewa Bharti.
    Daily around 30-35 patients are benefited by our PGI units.
    The Attendants of poor patients in APC Ward are also provided with blankets (on security) and a good literature to read.

     (iii) Ambulance:- Sewa Bharti have provided an ambulance at PGI to carry patients from PGI to their residence and to help the persons those who have lost their dear ones by carrying dead body to the destination at a very nominal charges.

    Self Reliance: 
    (i) Tailoring centres :- Young women particularly of slums getting married in early age, having one or two babies and getting divorce by their husbands have absolutely no place to go except their parents. Sewa Bharti decided to open tailoring centres to train such helpless women so that they may earn their livelihood and must be in a position to support their babies independently. Keeping this social problem in mind Sewa Bharti opened tailoring centres where ever the problem was serious. The centres are at ten different locations.
    (i)    Chhoti karor
    (ii)    Sec 43
    (iii)    Kajheri
    (iv)    Maulijagran
    (v)    Fedan
    (vi)    Maloya
    (vii)    Sewa Dham (2 kender)
    (viii)    Ramdarbar
    (ix)    Bapudham
    (x)    Hallomajra
    (xi)    Nayagaon (Near PGI)
    (xii)    Kumao Colony

    (ii) The Computer centre:- The  effluent section and upper middle class of our society can afford to provide this costly education available in the market to their wards quite conveniently but, the parents of lower middle class or of slum areas(tea wander, vegetable  seller, guard, peon, Riksha puller etc.) cannot think of educating their children in computer applications. Sewa Bharti therefore decided to start a centre to cater to the need of such helpless boys and girls.

    A computer centre is managed under the guidance of two efficient and qualified teachers. The centre runs four classes of 2 hours each through out the day. The out come of this effort is, the boys and girls passing out from the centre with a certificate are absorbed in the Chandigarh market with a tolerably handsome pay packet.

    Crèches :-
    Sewa Bharti have taken care the dire needs of working women particularly of lower strata who are working as household helpers, by opening crèches in different localities, so that they may leave their small kids under the care of trained, caring ladies. The kids are provided with proper nourishing food in the crèches.
    The crèches are at
    1) Sec-25 colony
    2) Ram Darbar
    3) Budail
    4) Sec-33 and
    5) Sec 44

    (b) "Satya Parkash Matrichhaya" (Home for newly born abandoned babies):-

    As our society is advancing our youth is getting affected adversely due to the invasion of western culture and an onslaught of vulgar and erotic body exhibition by foreign media resulting in abandoning our social values, thereby giving rise to the number of newly born abandoned babies. To save the innocent lives and to give them home with a motherly affection, Sewa Bharti Chandigarh has started "Satya Parkash Matrichhaya" at Chandigarh as its very important project. The main purpose of this "Home" is to provide affectionate "parents" to the unfortunate kids, and beautiful kids to the "parents" longing to feel the warmth and softness of newly born baby.

    In addition to this, left over kids will be provided with a good education, food, clothes and medical care. The emphasis is to make them an Indian citizen in real sense by inducing (inculcating) the sense of our "Oldage Sanskars", there by making them a staunch patriot who would live for the country and would scarify his or her lot for the Nation.

    Sewa Dham, Sewa Bharti
    Bhawan No. 1
    Sec 29 A


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