Seva Bharati Delhi brings sunrise in the Slums of Delhi

About thirty-five years ago, labourers from the adjoining industries erected slums near Dishad garden metro in East Delhi on deserted land. Very soon, five acre land was entirely occupied by 6,000 slums from which a majority of labourers are from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The labourers live there in an unhygienic condition. As the day begins, these labourers leave the locality in search of work and their children play near gutters. They don’t even know what education means! In their life, there has been no sunrise at all.
But, one day, in their life, sun really arose. In 1994, Seva Bharati centre was opened here. Now all the children don’t roam around the gutter but they read books at the schools. Now they know how to lead a good life and how to talk in the society. Now they have a thirst for higher education. People in the colony have set aside their quarrels and now they celebrate occasions such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Janmashtami, Makarsankranti with fervour. Youths were imparted employment-based training. Seva Bharati karyakartas have played an active part in every part of their life.
Seva Bharti karyakartas motivated me to study. They taught me to respect elders and parents and also kept me away from bad habits, one of the student studying in class IX said.
Due to Seva Bharati efforts, almost all problems in the colony came to an end. People have developed a sense of unity and brotherhood. Parents are busy at their work. In such a situation, Seva Bharti is doing a great job by imparting values to children. People here have a great respect for Seva Bharati, informed one of the resident.
Seva Bharati imparts employment-oriented training in various subjects. Primary schools are also run and after that, children are sent to different schools. Since 1994, thousands of children are motivated for education. Due to this, new generation has now become independent. Seva Bharati has really proved a boon for them.
ContactSewa Bharati, Delhi
13, Bhai Veer singh Marg,
Gol Market
New Delhi  11 00 01
Phone: 23345014, 23742336
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