Saving Lives : Dattaji Bhale Blood Bank

Blood banking is the backbone of Secondary and Tertiary Healthcare in recent times. In the healthcare infrastructure of Aurangabad that has ventured to undertake difficult and aggressive treatment modalities, Blood Banks have become a vital necessity. Dattaji Bhale Blood Bank is most preferred source of Blood & Blood Products for all the leading hospitals Healthcare Institutes in and around Aurangabad. Blood banking is a very complex operation, where every unit of blood is treated like a separate batch. A blood bank for example, with 40 unit's collection per day needs to process 15,000 batches in a year. The only answer to address a manifold operation of blood collection to process and timely supply can be through complete automation and high end equipment. Dattaji Bhale Blood Bank is a completely automated unit that ensures 100% accuracy as well as high speed handling processes.

Dr. Hedgewar Rugnalaya Garkheda, Aurangabad -431005 +91 (240)2339866, 2331195 +91 (240) 2341849 | Web:


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