At a Glance #JKFloodRelief by #SEWABHARATI as on 19th Oct 2014 #MedicalAid

Photo Courtesy: Shekhar Anand

Amol Aiwale,Vivek SinghPrakhar Jaiswal and Saurabh Jareda atShrinagar.

It was an amazing experience to understand the J & K people, & there MEHMAN NAVAJI is so good. The people are much co-operative, educated & aware about medicines,
Women empowerment is good; they do most of the work.

In statistics our 5 member medico team was seen total 1171 (max.) patient’s in 3 days at 4 different places of 2 districts. Volunteers are very good & strategic, without them it can’t possible.

It was my 1st experience with National Medico Organisation (NMO), Sewabharti & a great chance to see the Kashmir. There are many rumours about the Kashmir but the actual conditions are some different than that.

Some experience is that many people are not happy with their state govt. They want it either centrally governed or by governor control.Due Many of the funds by central govt. are not reached to people.
The efforts of the RSS & Sewabharti is quite good, the concept of EKAL VIDYALAYA is very nice, which is at the base level & I hope they will make a good change in near future.

In last 40 days, 125 Medical camps were organised by Sewa-Bharti in 84 places in flood hit Kashmir. 20,000 patients were treated and Rs 30 lakh worth medicines distributed.

Below is the report of #SewaBharti flood relief work done in Kashmir.



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