#Sewabharati #AndhraPradesh #cyclonehudhud relief Update

#Sewabharati #cyclonehudhud relief Update

volunteers participated:              1200
Centers at work :                                131
Water packetets Distributed:  185,870

Milk Packets Distributed:           33,861
Biscuit Packets Distributed:       57,600
Bread Packets Distributed:         21,900

Food Served to :                               62,800
Medical camps :                                         10 (18555 patients)
Medicines Distributed worth:    INR 39 lac
Rice Distributed:                                       7.5 ton
Glucose packets Distributed:         2300
Bananas :                                               3,200
Utensils Kits:                                           230
Pickle :                                                      1320 kg
Clothes Kits:                                          1000

Source: http://sevabharathieast.blogspot.in/


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