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Sarla Vinod Prakash Tribal Boy's Hostel Gwalior: Sewa Bharti (Madhya Bharat),

Sarla Vinod Prakash Tribal Boy's Hostel Gwalior.

Hostel Of Excellence For Tribal Boys At Gwalior
Sewa bharti is working in the remotest and poorest section in bharat, is now making headways in their goal of awakening as upliftment of the tribal and the poor through sewa to make them self reliant, proud citizens of bharat.
Sewa bharti has taken upon itself the responsibility to search and to train best amongst the best tribal boys so that they may prove the torch bearers for their community and bharat as a whole. With the above view in the mind, sewa bharati has draw a comprehensive plan for a hostel of excellence at Gwalior. These boys will be given best education and will be moulded with a sewa instinct as future doctors, engineers, management expert, top government official in administrative, police services etc. these boys who suffered the agony of being a tribal will be able to do better planning and render better services for the betterment of the tribals. With a view hostel…