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'Swa'-Roopwardhinee: The Journey

Late Shri.K.L Patwardhan

Thanks to explosion in information technology and increasing knowledge access, there have been widespread openings of education avenues. However, the benefits accruing from this progress have not percolated to children coming from lower strata of our society to a great extent, as expected. This glaring disparity in educational opportunities evoked great attention and attracted the attention of a group of social workers in pune which was led by the late Shri.K.L Patwardhan who was an educationist and had retired as a Principal of a school in Pune. He established an institution for filling this educational vacuum in 1979 and appropriately named it 'Swa'-Roopwardhinee. [The all sided development of 'Self']

'Swa'-Roopwardhinee was founded in the year 1979. We are dedicated for enrichment of latent qualities of young, intelligent and capable children of society without any discretion of caste, color and creed. It is a place where future lea…