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25 years of Peoples participation, unity & Integration : Seva Bharati Orissa

It was during 1985 & the same day Republic day & Saraswati Puja was celebrated. People of Mundigarh & its’ near by villages starts analysing their problems. From deeper introspection illiteracy & health identified as their social problem. What is the way out? Strongly everybody articulated to fight against these problems. Followed by a movement starts through association. “Seva” term came from Health & Bharati from the other name of Maa Saraswati, the symbolic goddess of education. Thus people named the organisation as Seva Bharati.

Education centre starts from that day onwards. Educator started off imparting education. Each family contributed 10 rupees & formed a community fund. 10 common diseases Identified & medicines procured for the remedy at the rate of 700 only. In an outer corner near to village graveyard there was a VLW quarter which was restructured & foundation stone lay in the name of Seva Bharati.

Analysis again started in the common vil…