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“SEWA is the supreme duty of a man. Majority of the people live for their individual needs, but those who are sensitive live for others too. Sewa is the manifestation of God,” said RSS Akhil Bharatiya Sah Sewa Pramukh Shri Ajit Mahapatra. He was speaking at Bihar Prant’s first Sewa Sangam organised at Shakha Maidan of Patna on February 2. Around 300 sewa organisations of Bihar attended the Sewa Sangam. Speaking at the inaugural session, Rashtriya Sewa Bharati (RSB) joint secretary Shri Gurusharan Prasad said an atmosphere of untrust is generating all over the country and the sewa sector too is not untouched from it. There are about 50,000 registered sewa organisations and most of them are rendering valuable services. There is a dire need to strengthen coordination among them so that they can work more effectively. Kshetra Pracharak Shri Swant Ranjan said sewa cannot be a business. He said the blind alley of the western model has led to many misconceptions. Representatives of many serv…