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Rehabilitation project in Uttarakhand was launched on the auspicious occasion of Sankranti festival on 14thJan 2014 by inaugurating the Computer training class at Ukhimath, Rudraprayag district.  This activity is sort of a prelude to the project of “empowering community to organize and manage sustainable entrepreneurship models through agriculture”. The computer training centre, as expected, is attracting good number of youth from various surrounding villages and these contacts are being developed to reach out to some of the neighbouring villages.   This centre has been sponsored by Sewa USA. The activity in the first fortnight after the inauguration has been a bit slow because of the climatic conditions, being extreme cold on one hand while on the other it rained occasionally, retarding the pace of activity. However, the initial preparatory activity is proceeding and the project team of SI is mapping out the areas and villages that are in bad need of empowerment through agriculture. …