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Diwali Visit to Maatri Chhaya : Experience of a Young Man

Nov 4 2013  Diwali visit Had I not been encouraged by someone as sensible as the one who encouraged me, I would never have written about how I spent my Dipawali yesterday. But then, I was assured that if I share, people will find it inspiring (instead of thinking that I am bragging about it) and some thing good will come out of it. So, here it is.. The day was just like any other day I have spent at this place. Wait, it was not like just any other day….I was feeling painfully nostalgic. Bored as usual, sending Happy Diwali messages to every one and updating “missing home badly….  ” type of statuses on facebook,I ended up watching two movies at last. It was in midst of the second movie, “ Argo” that I got the call of one of my good friends here and got invited to where I was to spend my Deepawali evening. Now what he said to me seemed to be a good idea….actually an idea better than that of roaming on roads and watching others bursting crackers. The idea was to visit some people, some …

A Round up of Sevabharathi Kanhangad: Kerala

About Sevabharathi Sevabharathi is a socio-cultural organisation carrying out its service activities based on the ideals propounded by great men like Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo and Mahatma Gandhi, in order to bring out social integration and all round development of the nation. Sevabharati was established in 1989. Sevabharathi’s activities are spread in all the states and  union territories of India. The volunteers of Sevabharati today are involved in more than one lac service projects in remote areas of the country. Volunteers have been the first to reach many natural calamities, be it floods, accidents or other natural calamities like Earth quake or Tsunami. Sevabharati is serving the economically weaker and socially neglected sections of the society range from medical assistance, library, hostel, basic education, adult education, vocational and industrial training, up-liftment of street children and the lepers. Through these projects Sevabharati aims at making …