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Sewabharati Chandigarh: A brief Activity profile

History of Sewa Bharti in Chandigarh.
Chandigarh has a unique status and position because of its population and wonderful design. The majority of its residents are either govt. officials or retired Senior Govt officers, educationists and defence personals, in all it have an intellectual mass in its folds. With the growth of city, the population of other states got attracted to find jobs as household helps and other supporting jobs. All of them settled in slums and villages of the city beautiful. With the passage of time this particular mass started swelling and posing its own social problems not compatible with population of city of Corbusier.
The third Sar Sangh Chalak Manya “Bala Sahib Devras” visited the slum areas and felt the necessity of doing something very seriously to ease there difficulties and problems. The seedling was sown in the minds of RSS volunteers and well wishers who ultimately thought of roping in like minded devoted workers living in the city, Ultimately a ban…