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Seva Bharathi: Navachethana Communication Development Centre will treat autistic children

"A child with autism sees things differently than we do. Perceives things in a different light. Can perceive things in ways we could never imagine¡¨- Unknown "The Autism Awareness Ribbon - The puzzle pattern of this ribbon represents the mystery and complexity of autism. The different colours and shapes represent the diversity of people and families living with autism. The brightness of the ribbon signals hope- hope through researching and increasing awareness in people like you¡¨ -Single Mothers of Children with Autism.
"Being different is what sets you apart from everybody else in this world. It allows you to be unique. It allows you to process information in ways that people will never understand, and see things in ways that others would find unimaginable. It allows you to break free from the mould of society. You are not the same as anybody else, yet you are no different to anybody else. You are YOU¡K- Autistic-ally Beautiful.
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